"It’s my first time at the Business Travel Show as I am new to the travel industry. I’ve learned a lot and am pleased I visited – it’s been busy but in a good way!"

Christine Boyd, Mondelez International

First time visiting – it’s a great event and well organised too. I’m here to find out about London based hotels and cab/taxi options. There are plenty of suppliers I wanted to see and I’ve had a lot of good meetings."

Joana Lopes, Travel Manager, Kepler Cheuvreuz

 "I’ve been working in travel management for 6 months so a colleague recommended I visit the event. I’ve attended some very interesting seminar sessions, plus I’ve been able to benchmark our current set up, which has been very useful for me - I now know what my target is going forward. 

I am responsible for the digital travel management strategy which includes booking, apps for our travellers, managing expenses and much more. It’s great to come here and see all of the suppliers in one place and I’ve benefited from seeing live demos of software I’m interested in."

Eric Calligarus (New visitor)

"I’ve been for the past few years and it’s good to come back when the layout and set up is familiar. I appreciate the little touches such as the cloakroom and the addition of the Poken has been very good this year. I’ve also been able to problem solve a challenge we had to overcome with a supplier, as I’ve met them face-to-face for a very productive meeting. The networking is excellent – it’s not too orchestrated so there’s a chance to meet new faces and get to know other like-minded travel professionals."


"I’m new to the Hosted Buyer programme but have found it very beneficial – having the cloakroom and seating area to regroup between appointments is ideal. The networking opportunities are very good and I’ve found the event set up and layout good too. The show content is wide and varied, so a lot of aspects are covered – from financial and HR to purchasing and obviously specific travel management topics.

Heather Bradley, Buyer, Manchester Airport Group

"The Business Travel Show is a very efficient way of having a lot of meetings over a short period of time. I’ve been coming for at least five years and it’s worthwhile each time."

Ruediger Bruss, Continental

"It’s a great event with regards to the conference sessions and the variety of suppliers exhibiting. I have gained a lot of market insight. My role focuses on online booking of transportation, while my colleague is focused on corporate cards. We’ve both been able to achieve our aims this week and do the market research we needed to. In fact ¾ of our workforce has travel needs, so the Business Travel Show is always of value to our travel management team."

Andreea Ciortea, Temenos

"I visit each year to scan the market and to get an overview of what’s new and current. The Business Travel Show is still growing and still interesting every year."

Thomas Lindahl, Husqvaren AB