The Business Travel Show introduces: Poken!

We have an exciting Business Travel Show planned this year, and now you'll be able to connect and collect like never before with our new conference tool, Poken. 


Poken 1

What is Poken?

Connect and Collect by Poken is a digital networking tool that allows you to easily swap contact info with exhibitors and other buyers and collect content with a simple tap.


How does it work?

At registration, all buyers will receive a Poken device, which can be used at both BTS and TTE.

To connect with other attendees, simply tap your devices together and your 'virtual business cards' will be instantly swapped. Please note, the information swapped includes contact details and some details and some demographics.

To collect content: where you see a Poken touchpoint - either on exhibitor stands or on show features - just tap with your device, and that content is yours!

Where does all your stuff go?

All the information you collect on your unique device can be accessed online or downloaded directly to your computer with the Poken device flash drive.