Disrupt Awards


The Launchpad area returned to the Business Travel Show in 2018 to help buyers source the very latest in industry innovation. It further supported and promoted start-ups as well as new businesses in the business travel arena.

Finalists took part in a Dragon’s Den style pitching session during which they will had an opportunity to present their innovation on stage at the show.

With one of the main drivers for buyers attending the Business Travel Show being to discover innovative new products and solutions, Launchpad made it possible for new ventures to reach thousands of European key buyers who have the potential to make a huge difference to their future success, as well as making travellers' lives easier.

We would like to congratulate the winner, TroopTravel, who will receive a free stand for the 2019 show worth £8,000!


BTS Awards


Here is a run though of the 2018 shortlist:


AMAZE is a back-office solution improving visibility over your business travel spending.

AMAZE gathers data from all your sources,
delivers tailored reporting to your team / travelers,
defines the right budget for each trip,
AND detects anomalies and long-term  problematic behavior responsible for your main overruns.

Employees know where they stand compared to their peers and budget.
Management gets real time visualization over employees' overruns.

Save time, Save money and Take better decisions.

Arbitrip logo
Arbitrip is an online booking tool that helps travel managers and business travelers to book and manage hotel stays, using unique technologies we've developed:

Smart Discovery - Arbitrip personalizes each search, giving you tailored room recommendations based on your travelers’ activity.

Smart Savings - If a room’s price drops, we automatically re-book it for you.

Smart Reports - Our simple and intuitive dashboard gives you the reports and insights you need to keep tabs on activity.

You can download a short video of the solution here: https://youtu.be/HG1ExQSDzE4 

flightsayer logo jpeg
Lack of visibility into flight disruptions has long frustrated travelers--flightsayer changes the game by predicting delays hours to weeks before departure, empowering travelers to make better itinerary choices and respond effectively to potential disruptions. Powered by powerful machine learning algorithms, flightsayer facilitates a fundamental shift in passenger behavior from reactive coping towards proactive planning. flightsayer’s predictions are available to passengers through flightsayer.com and iOS app, and to business partners in the corporate travel ecosystem via APIs.

Video: https://vimeo.com/227623006 

Gaest.com is northern Europe's largest online marketplace for listing, discovering and booking unique meeting spaces. Founded in Aarhus, Denmark in October 2015.

We believe that face-to-face meetings will never die and if anything, are becoming more relevant the more digital-fixated we become. That, coupled with the notion that more people than ever live in urban environments and with property prices reaching unspeakable levels, means that we need to rethink how and why we meet.

In short, we need to make meetings matter.

Some of the overarching questions that’ve been driving us from day one are: why does it have to be so difficult to book a meeting room and why do meeting rooms have to be so boring?

We believe that by today’s just-a-click-away standards, booking a meeting room should be on par with the ease of booking a flight, a hotel or a rental car.

Finally, when it comes to where we meet, we feel that this is often as important as why we meet.




TroopTravel – Where do we meet?
50% of people will work remotely by 2020 (Forbes, Mar 2016)

If people are working from anywhere in the world, they can meet anywhere in the world! 

By using TroopTravel you can save up to 70% off your group travel cost. 

Our platform brings big data and learning together to recommend meeting locations based on your personal and company preferences. We include visa requirements, cost, ease of travel and more into our corporate platform.

None of the virtual communication tools can match the power of face-to-face meetings and nothing supports more creativity than bringing people together. There are limited tools and services available which focus on facilitating in-person meetings for global people. Meeting location selection are biased by personal opinions rather than supported by data.

Learn about how this corporate group of 17 travelers from 13 different locations realized a potential saving of 56% on their overall group travel costs by moving the meeting location from Nairobi / Kenya to New York / US. 

Voya logo
Voya is a digital travel management company For SMES that provides a smart travel assistant to all travellers. Using Voya travellers can plan, book and manage their trips with a simple text message via chat in our mobile or desktop apps. 

Using latest A.I. technologies we recommend the best 3-5 options based on booking behaviour, personal preferences and company guidelines. Furthermore we offer fully digital end-to-end travel management processes, like guideline management, approval processes, central payment processes and reporting.

Meet the most comprehensive venue booking system you will ever need! 

For Corporations: Wizme is an end-to-end system that brings complete transparency, control and order in all meetings space and venue hire activities across the entire organisation.

For Agencies & Bookers: Booking meetings, events and conferences with Wizme is an easy, streamlined process, designed for operational efficiency and user comfort.

For Venues: А robust venue management platform designed to deliver the best inventory for the right bookers.