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26-27 February 2020, Olympia London

Coronavirus update for Business Travel Show


Coronavirus update for Business Travel Show

Date published: 13 February 2020

The UK Chief Medical Officers have stated that the risk to individuals in the UK from coronavirus remains low.

As a European event the risk remains equally low but we are putting measures in place in order to prioritise the welfare of our exhibitors, visitors and staff.

By closely working with our partners, including the venue Olympia London, we are following the World Health Organisation (WHO) and NHS guidelines to raise awareness about simple steps to help stop germs like coronavirus spreading by providing signage at the event as well as sanitising gel in areas where people congregate. We are also proactively keeping our exhibitors up to date about our plans.

A risk assessment has taken place at Olympia London and measures have been put into place with regards to this matter.
As an organiser we will continue to monitor the situation closely to follow official guidelines.

Current advice from UK officials and the World Health Organisation (WHO)

If you are a visitor or exhibitor that has travelled to the UK from mainland China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or Macau in the last 14 days and are experiencing cough, fever or shortness of breath, please follow the advice of Public Health England:

•    stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flu
•    call NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the country

As the organiser, we would add that if you have travelled to any of the above countries in the last 14 days we recommend that you do not travel to the Business Travel Show.

Also, the below advice is being given to take these steps to avoid germs spreading:


  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin straight away
  • wash your hands with soap and water often – use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell



  • do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean


For the most up to date information on the coronavirus, please visit:

  • World Health Organisation advice to the public here
  • UK Government guidelines here.
  • NHS guidelines here.
  • Public Health England advice here.

Before Business Travel Show, we will continue to:

  • Be in close contact with the venue, Olympia London, to keep up to date on developments and advice from authorities.
  • Raise awareness of latest WHO and NHS advice with regards to the coronavirus with our stakeholders.
  • Communicate the latest news with exhibitors via the ezone and weekly checklist.
  • Contact the very small number of registrants from affected countries prior to the event.
  • Provide links to the latest information from the authorities.

At the event:

  • We will continue to work closely with the venue to monitor the onsite situation.
  • We will provide hand sanitisers and signage at the event in areas that visitors and exhibitors congregate i.e. registration, info points, lounges, theatres and washrooms.
  • We will install signs in all public toilets to alert visitors and exhibitors to the importance of hand washing and basic hygiene to arrest the spread of germs in line with WHO recommendations.
  • The onsite medical team have been made aware of the signs and symptoms of the virus and what actions to take if they suspect anyone of having have the virus.